Friday, September 18, 2020

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An institution of excellence in offender management and regulation of gaming industry


 Contribute to the promotion of just, secure and good governance through containment, rehabilitation, reintegration of offenders and regulation of gaming

Core Values
• Quality Service
• Transparency
• Accountability
• Professionalism
• Integrity
• Teamwork
• Partnership
• Responsiveness

Strategic Objectives 

  • Strengthen the policy, legal and institutional frameworks through revision of all present legislation and formulate policy in the different areas of operation where this is lacking
  • Attain the highest standards in holding inmates in secure and humane conditions and the protection of the rights of such inmates and other offenders
  • Revitalize prison farms and industries by recapitalization of the revolving funds and enhance development of skills for offenders under rehabilitation and eventually transform the farms and industries into a Semi-Autonomous Government Agency (SAGA)
  • Re-organize operations in the supervision, rehabilitation, reintegration and resettlement of offenders to achieve high standards of effectiveness and a wider reach to the needy offenders
  • Attain speed and meticulous service delivery in preparation of pre- bail and pre- sentence reports for use in the courts in the administration of justice
  • Develop innovations to enhance operations in crime prevention
  • Develop new approaches to bring all activities in the gaming industry and effective regulation and control and streamline flow of good causes money for social welfare programme
  • Mainstream general government policies especially, gender, youth HIV/AIDS control and others

Kenya Prisons Service
Containment of offenders in humane and safe conditions in order to facilitate responsive administration of justice, rehabilitation, social integration and community protection

Probation and Aftercare Services
Promotion and enhancement of the administration of justice, community safety and public protection through provision of social inquiry reports, supervision and reintegration of non-custodial offenders, victim support and social crime prevention

Betting, Control and Licensing Board
Ensure that gaming is conducted honestly, competitively and responsibly with minimum costs but maximum contribution to the society and free from criminal activities.

Administration of State Department of Correctional and Rehabilitation Service
Provision of effective and efficient policy direction, coordination and management of all affairs in the State Department of Correctional and Rehabilitation Service

Our Contacts

State Department Of Coordination
Telposta Towers,Nairobi
P. O. Box 30478 - 00100 Kenya
Telephone: Tel. +254 020 2228411