Sunday, March 26, 2023

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The Government has developed a Counter Violent Extremism strategy that adopts use of collaborative efforts through the establishment of multi-sectoral approaches to address issues of violent extremism. Considering the glaring resource constraints that stand against the resolve to proactively detect, isolate and disrupt acts of violent extremism, the government has escalated engagement with partners on issues of countering violent extremism, resulting in the development of both Extremism Advocacy and Accountability Charter and the National Counter-Violent Extremism Strategy.

Adextremistdressing participants at a workshop in a Nairobi Hotel, The Principal Secretary for Correctional and Rehabilitation services Mr. Micah Powon notes that lives have been lost, way of life disrupted, people uprooted from their territorial zones, and democracies destroyed by extremist individuals and groups that reject democracy and constitutional order  to satisfy selfish beliefs. But Kenya as a member of the international community has decided to restructure its institutions in a way that dissuades the perpetrators of violence from using it as a launching pad for their activities.




One of the best approaches to address the threat of violent extremism is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Correctional institutions can serve this to a certain extent. Kenya Prisons Service aspires to contribute to national security and community protection through safe containment of people committed to the penal institutions with terrorism related offences.

The training was a forum to reflect on performance and see how best to move forward in regard to management of violent extremist offenders with due diligence and observance of their fundamental rights.


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