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State Department for Correctional Services

The State Department for Correctional Services is domiciled in the Ministry of Interior and National Administration.
The State Department derives its mandate from the Executive Order No. 1 of January, 2023, Prisons Act Cap 90, Borstal Institutions Act Cap 92, Probation of Offenders Act Cap 64, Community Service Orders Cap 93 and Power of Mercy Act of 2011.
The State Department aspires to be an excellent organization in correctional services by promoting a just and secure society through efficient and effective management of offenders and administration of justice. It constitutes; Kenya Prisons Service, Probation and Aftercare Services and General Administration, Planning and Support Services

The Mandate of the State Department for Correctional Services is derived from the Executive Order No. 1 of January, 2023 which assigns the Department the following functions:  Correctional Services;

  • Policy for reform of penal justice system,
  • Prison enterprise, and
  • Development of administrative policies for Borstal institutions & facilities for incarcerated minors.

Strategic Objectives

  • To contain and provide safe custody of Inmates;
  • To supervise, Rehabilitate, reform and reintegrate offenders;
  • To Facilitate administration of justice;
  • To Treat  young offenders in Borstal Institutions and Youth Corrective Training Center;
  • To provide facilities for children aged four years and below accompanying their mothers in Prison; and
  • To Generate and provide information to courts and penal institutions.