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Vision, Mission & Core Values


Vision, Mission & Core Values


To be an excellent organization in correctional services.


To promote a just and secure society through efficient and effective management of offenders and administration of justice.

Core Values

Professionalism Competent, respectful and considerable work performance
Transparency and Accountability Openness, trust and responsibility
Integrity Uphold honest and ethical principles
Reliability Performing consistently
Confidentiality Maintain high levels of privacy in work performance
Fairness Impartial and just without favoritism or discrimination
Respect for human dignity Uphold human rights
Partnerships Collaboration and teamwork in service delivery

Strategic Objectives

  • Strengthen the administrative, legal and policy coordination
  • Privide Secure and humane containment of offenders
  • Rehabilitate and reform custodial offenders
  • Generate information for dispensation of justice
  • Mordernize prison farms and industries for purpose of vocationaL training and production
  • Enhance staff welfare and capacity development
  • Enhance non-custodial offender supervision
  • Improve on offender non-custodial rehabilitation
  • Develop victim of offences support programme
  • Enhance the level of offender reintegration and resettlement
  • Develop and implement integrated crime prevention programme
  • Enhance leadership and integrity in service delivery


Kenya Prisons Service:  Containment of offenders in humane and safe conditions in order to facilitate responsive administration of justice, rehabilitation, social integration and community protection

Probation and Aftercare Services: Promotion and enhancement of the administration of justice, community safety and public protection through provision of social inquiry reports, supervision and reintegration of non-custodial offenders, victim support and social crime prevention

Administration of State Department of Correctional and Rehabilitation Service: Provision of effective and efficient policy direction, coordination and management of all affairs in the State Department of Correctional and Rehabilitation Service