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Correctional PS Visit to Naivasha Maximum Security Prison, Hosts Cure

Correctional PS Visit to Naivasha Maximum Security Prison, Hosts Cure

The PS State Department for Correctional Services Mary Muthoni on 3rd May 2023 did an official visit to the Naivasha GK Maximum Security Prison whereby she hosted members of Citizen United for the Rehabilitation of Errants (CURE) organization in a bid to increase partnerships so as to restore dignity in the correctional facilities.

In support of the initiative of the ‘One prisoner, one bed, one mattress’ initiative by the State Department, CURE donated 2000 mattresses and 600 blankets to the institution.

While addressing the inmates after a brief tour of the facility, the PS urged the prisoners to take up vocational training offered so as to gain skills that will help them after they are released.


“Take advantage of the vocational training offered in prisons to help you after you have been released,” she said.

So far in the facility 730 of the inmates have enrolled for training in carpentry, tailoring, dressmaking, metal works, upholstery, mechanics, polishers, and electricians among others.

This really impressed the PS who urged more of them to enrol so that when they have been reintegrated into society, they have gained skills to help them start their businesses.

The PS said that the State Department for Correctional Services is working on modernizing the prison's workshops, so as to make the work of training inmates easier. She also promised to get a showroom in the town centre where the public can easily access and purchase the products.

In support of the projects, The PS noted that she is working with the Governor of Nakuru County to give space in the county to create a showroom to showcase the materials being made by the inmates.

To avoid demoralizing the inmates, they should be issued with a certificate from the National Industrial & Training Authority (NITA) after completing their training and trade tests which the PS promised to fund.

The PS motivated the prisoners to keep in touch with their families to help in the process of reconciliation.

For social integration, family visits will soon resume after being halted due to COVID-19.

“Change your mind and forgive the ones who wronged you,” the PS urged the inmates to make peace with their families.

CURE President Charles Sullivan encouraged the inmates that they should be hopeful of a second chance

"We all make mistakes; we all deserve a second chance." he said.

Present also was the Deputy Commissioner General of Prisons, Florence Omundi, Secretary Probation and Aftercare Services, Mary Mbau and other senior officers from the State Department and CURE members from almost 28 different countries.