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SDCS Interns pose for a group photo


By Martha Munyambu

The government has taken a step forward in enhancing the educational standards of corrective institutions by recruiting additional intern teachers to serve in prison schools across the country.

The Public Service Commission recently recruited 58 such interns, who were inducted by the State Department for Correctional Services in a ceremony presided over by the Secretary of Administration, Peter Wanjohi who was representing the Principal Secretary Dr. Salome M-Beacco at the Prisons Staff Training College, Ruiru.

These intern teachers will be posted to various corrective institutions across the country, to impart knowledge and skills to the offenders serving their sentences.

In a speech read by the Secretary Administration during the induction ceremony, the Principal Secretary noted that the State Department for Correctional Services recognizes the profound impact that education can have on individuals who are incarcerated.

“Education is not only an academic learning experience, but a transformative tool that empowers individuals, fosters personal growth and promotes rehabilitation and transformation,” read the PS speech.  

According to the PS speech, the teachers, hold the keys to unlocking the potential in each student, guiding them towards a path of self-discovery and enlightenment, and helping them reintegrate into society.

The PS urged the intern teachers to approach their work with empathy, understanding, and compassion, as it will instill hope, inspire change, and enable the offenders to realize their full potential.

The PS congratulated the intern teachers for their appointment and welcomed them to the State Department for Correctional Services.

The Director of Education and Vocational Training at the State Department Dr. Margaret Mutuma urged the intern teachers to be agents of change for the offenders and to influence positive change in their lives.

Dr. Mutuma noted that the State Department places significant value on education and that formal education for offenders is a crucial aspect of rehabilitation and reducing recidivism.

“Ensure you work collaboratively with other staff in Correctional institutions and serve diligently,” she advised.


Photo by Patrick Ambani

Edited by Pili Chimerah

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