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PS Correctional Services Salome Muhia-Beacco


By Kevin Koskei

The State Department for Correctional Services in collaboration with the Judiciary, and Elgeyo Marakwet County Government have pioneered a pilot program to ease decongestion through Community Service Orders.

This joint endeavor is aimed at easing congestion in correctional facilities and fostering community engagement marks a significant step forward in pursuing justice reform and social responsibility.

The event which was held at Tambach GK Prison, symbolizes the beginning of a transformative program where 40 petty offenders were granted release to serve the community under the County Government.

This means that the individuals will undertake unpaid public work across various county facilities, ranging from hospitals to markets, with the overarching goal of benefitting the community while serving their sentences.

According to Dr Salome Muhia Beacco, CBS , the Principal Secretary for Correctional Services, this collaborative initiative is not only in alignment with the directive of His Excellency the President for a unified government approach but also reflects a shared commitment to address systemic challenges within the justice system.

Dr. Salome M-Beacco CBS, emphasized the importance of offenders maintaining good conduct and faithfully fulfilling their CSOs.

“It is important to reform so that you can become a responsible family man,” the PS said.

She also highlighted the potential for these experiences to pave the way for future employment opportunities and successful reintegration into society.

The event was attended by a diverse array of stakeholders, including Elgeyo Marakwet County Governor H.E Wisley Rotich, CSO Chair Lady Justice Lilian Mutende, Commissioner General of Prisons Brigadier (Rtd) John Warioba, Secretary Probation and Aftercare Service, Dr. Christine Obondi and National CSO Coordinator Hon. Muthoni Njagi, among other senior government officials.

Their presence, the PS said, underscored the collective support for the initiative and its vital role in not only alleviating prison congestion but also promoting rehabilitation and community reintegration.

The Governor promised to support the inmates once they have been reintegrated into society by providing them with tools to start businesses.

He urged them to demonstrate discipline and learn a skill provided in the correctional institutions.

He also vowed to fully support the decongestion program.

“The successful launch of this initiative sets a precedent for similar programs to be implemented nationwide, signaling a paradigm shift in how society addresses issues of justice, rehabilitation, and community engagement” Governor Rotich said.

By working together across government agencies and with local communities, stakeholders have shown their dedication to building a more just, inclusive, and environmentally conscious society for all.


With an admirable sense of duty and environmental consciousness, the team embraced the opportunity to support the President's monumental directive of planting 15 billion trees.

The team proceeded to plant trees at Tambach Teacher Training College and Moi Tambach Primary School, which were not only strategic but also symbolic.

By gracing these educational institutions, the team aimed to instil a sense of environmental stewardship among future generations.

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