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PS Correctional Mary Muthoni (middle) poses for a group photo during a visit of Ngeria Farm Prison. Photo: Collins William

PS Correctional Services Tours Uasin Gishu County

On 13th April, 2023 the Principal Secretary for Correctional Services Ms. Mary Muthoni Muriuki HSC, visited Uasin Gishu County where she paid a courtesy call to Governor Jonathan Bii Chelilim. She was accompanied by Deputy Governor Daniel Chemno, County Commissioner Dr. Eddyson Nyale OGW, Secretary PACS Mary Mbau, CEC for Education and Vocational Training Dr. Janeth Kosgei among other senior officials from State Department for Correctional Services.

The PS proceeded to Ngeria Farm Prison where the Deputy Officer in charge Mr. Ben Kibet took the PS through the operations of the facility and she toured all the departments of the prison including the inmates’ wards.

Madam PS promised to improve on accommodation, bedding and clothing for the inmates, which will also cut across all correctional facilities in the Country.

"There are Prisons which were built during the colonial era and they are in very bad shape, so the first thing we should think of is how to improve the standard and infrastructure of our Prisons," The PS said.

While addressing the inmates she told them to take advantage of the courses offered like masonry, carpentry and tailoring so as to acquire skills that would be advantageous to them once they have been reintegrated into society.

"I would want to be your client not you being my client," the PS told the inmates.

The PS reiterated that being a prisoner doesn't warrant them to be living in a pathetic environment, and thus she is committed to transforming the facilities for the inmates to live in a conducive environment.

"Sometimes coming into conflict with the law doesn't mean that it is the end of the world, these people change and they change for the better," she noted.

The Education CEC Dr Janeth Kosgei promised to partner with the State Department in implementing ‘one prisoner, one bed, one mattress’ initiative.

Madam Mary insisted on the importance of preparing the ground for reconciliation with the inmates’ families and community so that when they have been reintegrated, their families would be able to accept them knowing that they have reformed.

To help in decongesting of prisons, the PS said that the cases should be fast-tracked and offenders with petty offenses to be put under community service orders with the help of the judiciary.

The PS and the team toured the farm where they practice maize farming on approximately 6,000 acres and also rare livestock in the farm.

The PS was impressed by how the Prison had utilized 90% of the land. She further urged them to partner with the County Government to see how far they can work together to fully utilize the land for sustainability of the Prison. She further said that the Prison must make sure that they commercialize every resource for the welfare of prisoners and officers.

"We have vast land as Correctional Services and the land has housed our Prisons, it is the best time to look for ways and means on how to utilize the land," Ms Muriuki said.

The County Commissioner promised to help in ensuring the community is well educated in terms of Alternative Dispute Resolution.