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The Correctional PS Ms. Salome M. Beacco poses for a group photo with other senior officers while on her familiarization visit to Kisumu Correctional facilities. On her left is the Commissioner General of Prisons Brg (Rtd) John Warioba and on her left is the Probation and Aftercare Service Secretary Mary Mbau Photo: Cullen Wasike

PS Familiarization Visit to Kisumu Correctional Facilities

The Principal Secretary for the State Department for Correctional Services, Ms. Salome M. Beacco did an official visit to Correctional facilities in Kisumu and donated blankets and sanitary towels to Kisumu Women Prison inmates on 14th July 2023.

Speaking at Kisumu Women Prison Ms. Muhia said that the State Department has partnered with Clean Start and Crime si Poa NGOs to donate tissue papers, detergent and baby clothes to children accompanying their mothers in Prison.


PS Salome urged other partners to come on board and help in bringing dignity to the inmates.

"We sincerely thank our development partners and we encourage other development partners to come on board and help us not only decongest the prisons but ensure that our clients live a dignified life in line with article 28 as aligned together with article 43 of the Constitution which demands that every person should live with dignity", she said.

Speaking on climate change, Correctional Services PS pointed out that they are working on planting at least 100,000 million trees by the end of this year and possibly exceeding that number which will enable fulfil His Excellency's directive of having 20% of Correctional Services land under tree cover.

"For the last 4 days until today in this place only Kisumu Prisons we have planted 11,000 trees," she added.

On education systems in the prison sector, PS Beacco noted that Prison has educational programs that run from ECD to the University level hence allowing the prisoners to acquire various skills and knowledge while serving their sentences.

She indicated that they are working with partners to refurbish the institutions to ensure that the systems are up to date to enable the inmates to get quality education and be productive in society. She further noted that Government the is working on the modernization of farms and industry machinery, to make the work of training the inmates easier.

"We are working very closely with Probation and Aftercare Services where we have very robust rehabilitation programs and reintegration programs. We are training the prisoners throughout our prisons. We have training and industry systems where we train them in various skills that they are experienced in whether is tailoring, construction or teaching," the PS said.

Addressing the Officers, she encouraged them to work as a team for better results, while improving on their individual level, making a difference, and creating a legacy, she further urged them to take good care of prisoners.