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PS Correctional Services Ms. Salome M. Beacco at the Mathari Liaison Probation office, alongside Deputy Commissioner General of Prisons, Florence Omundi (in uniform), Director Probation and After Care Services, Christine Obondi and other senior officials from the State Department. Photo: Patrick Ambani


By Christine Milka

The PS State Department for Correctional Services Ms Salome M. Beacco did a familiarization visit to the Mathari Hospital on 21st August 2023. She was welcomed by the Director Probation and Aftercare Service Christine Obondi.

The PS was impressed by the services and programs offered by the office as a contribution towards administration of justice.

The probation liaison office is responsible for the generation of reports and provision of social support to special needs offenders detained or referred to the Hospital Maximum Security Unit (MSU) for assessment and treatment.

“I am aware that your liaison role immensely contributes to the treatment, reintegration and resettlement of the special needs offenders,” the PS said while addressing the staff at the institution.

A total of 150 reports were generated and submitted to the relevant agencies in the last financial year. (2022-2023).

The office is also involved in preparation of psychiatric offenders for release, reintegration and resettlement and also in crime prevention.

This is done through skills transfer where the psychiatric offenders are equipped with life skills such as anger management, conflict resolution and stress management.

Similarly, through promotion of reconciliation which is done through sensitization of family members, victims and the community on mental health issues and management.

The PS commended the officials for the work they are doing helping the patients.

“Let us continually and positively improve our surroundings and the roles we play in the community,” she spoke.

Ms. Beacco assured the Probation office of her commitment and support in all their engagements.

“I encourage all the partners to continue joining and supporting us in transforming the lives of offenders as we give them a second chance,” she added.

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