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A team from the State Department for Correctional Services led by the Commissioner General of Prisons Brg (Rtd) John Warioba (In Uniform) together with Deputy Governor Joseph Magwanga, County Commissioner Moses Lilan and Tom Mboya University Vice-Chancellor Peter Ocholla, at the Governor’s office during a courtesy. Photo: Collins William.

Relocation of GK Prison Homabay to Pave Way for Expansion of Tom Mboya University

On 12th April, 2023, the Commissioner General of Prisons Brig (Rtd) John Warioba, EGH, together with the Deputy Governor Joseph Magwangwa, Homabay County Commissioner Moses Lilan OGW, Tom Mboya University Vice Chancellor, Prof. Peter Ocholla, Homabay County Chief of Staff Charles Odhiambo among other officials from State Department for Correctional Services held a meeting to discuss relocation of Homabay GK Prison to give way for expansion of Tom Mboya University.

The relocation is to fulfill His Excellency the President Dr. Willian Samoei Ruto’s directive.

"We are focused on implementing the President's directive of giving out the 26 acres of Prison land to the University for the sole purpose of expansion of the education institution," the CG said.

He emphasized that the delegation was on a mission yearning to implement the directive and was hopeful the process will be successful.

The Deputy Governor appreciated the president for initiating the process, saying that the President had promised to send a team to research on the issue of the university's expansion during his last visit to Homabay County.

"We have discussed and agreed on proper measures that we will take up to legalize the possible transfer of the land and possible relocation of the facility," said the Deputy Governor.

Mr. Magwanga said that the endeavour will be very beneficial to the University's growth, which is a very important institution in the County.

The Tom Mboya University Vice Chancellor said that the institution's population is growing bigger and was hopeful that the expansion of the University will accommodate an increased number of students from 6000 to approximately 15,000.

"The population is getting bigger every year and giving space for the sake of the University is a good gesture, which will make the learners have a good and conducive learning environment," the VC said.