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Correctional Services PS Ms. Salome M. Beacco addresses an inmate at the Kibos Maximum Security tailoring workshop. She was accompanied by Commissioner General of Prisons Brg (Rtd) John Warioba (on her left) and Director Probation and Aftercare Services Christine Obondi. Among other officers from the State Department. Photo: Patrick Ambani.


By Martha Munyambu

The State Department for Correctional Services, Principal Secretary, Ms. Salome M. Beacco, has indicated that the Department is set to upgrade prison farms and industries to increase productivity.

Speaking during a familiarisation tour of Kibos Maximum Prison in Kisumu County, the PS said that the Department is working on revitalizing and modernising farming activities in Correctional Institutions across the country to be able to produce enough food for its own consumption as well as supplying the surplus to other Government institutions.  

She further noted that the State Department is committed to combating food insecurity by making sure that all the Correctional Service’s land is fully utilized to assist in reducing dependency on outsiders for the supply of food produce.

The PS pointed out that the Correctional facilities engage in crop farming of sunflower, tea, coffee and maize. She further noted that the department is set to increase production of the said crops in line with the Presidential directive.

"The President has emphasized the need for each State Department to look into ways of increasing revenue generation", said the PS.

Ms. Beacco said that as part of her visit she was also on a mission to inspect the ongoing development projects, to see how the stations in the region are delivering on their mandate and to check on the status of the Prison industries. She urged the public to buy products from Correctional Institutions as they are one of the best manufacturers of furniture, metal gates, windows and other products.

She added that she is working with her colleagues from other State Departments like PS Industrialization and TVET to improve the Prison industries to ensure that the inmates are imparted with the best skills as part of the rehabilitation programmes.

"It is the Government's intention that we work as one Government, and we are adopting a one Government approach", she said.

The PS emphasised her commitment to making Correctional Services one of the best in Africa by upgrading and improving the correctional institutions.

She also urged the officers to be loyal, lead by example and work hard for better service delivery.


Edited by Humphrey Young and Pili Chimerah


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